We are a non-profit organization that amplifies the voice of the child

Our Mission Statements

  • Advancement of family life
  • Development of the child’s intellect and character
  • Enhancement of positive social interaction

Our Vision

To be a platform for expression and fulfillment of the desire(s) of the child

Our Core Values

Our mission is to create and or improve the parent child relationship and other aspects of a child’s life thus building a better society.

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What We Do

Every child has a voice. This voice resonates with the unspoken desires of every child to enjoy an wholesome relationship with his parents, be adequately educated, given the chance to live life freely and become who or what he or she desires to be. For one reason or the other this voice has been submerged. The passion and the desire to help these children realize their desires informed the birth of LET THE CHILD BE initiative.

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